Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A passing thought

It's been awfully quiet here in this new blog. I miss my Salon peeps stopping by whenever I posted in my old blog.

Had a passing thought, though, while contemplating this new-found quietude: maybe the trolls won't find me here.


There are tradeoffs for everything.

Now that Salon is no longer taking new members, I'm starting to think about where/how to transition. You seem to have landed here at Blogger OK, but:

(1) Dates are not showing up on your blog, so it looks as if the whole page was posted on one endless day.

(2) On Mozilla browsers like Firefox, unless the blog is displayed fullscreen, the part of your right sidebar starting with 'Legacy' is pushed all the way down to the bottom of the page, after the last post.

We really do need to do something to keep the Salon community, what's left of it, hanging together, something more than just our 'legacy' Salon blogrolls.
Hey Dave -- yeah, I haven't mastered all the bells and whistles here, will fix the day thing some time this week. And I'm not certain what to do with the blogroll just yet. Looks the same to me in IE, Firefox or AOL's browser; would be nice if it was a little more flexible. Oh well, just means I'll have to learn some new stuff.

I've also been reworking a different blogsite for a political group in Blogger as well; I'm learning a lot from the process, should be able to bring some of it here to my own site once I'm through with their site. What I am finding is that there are a LOT of hacks that folks have been generating for Blogger -- many, many more than there were for Userland's Radio. For instance: although Blogger doesn't actually support "categories" like Radio does, there are at least (4) different ways to create them, some fit better than others, others have far greater potential to reach a wider audience. It could be a cool thing here, given the size of the hacker/developer audience compared to other products. Of course there's always the other biggies, like MT and WP and TypePad.
Ok...I found ya and its my turn. I will be working on my own blog soon and will send you a link. Hopefully you can add some light to it.

Wishing you well. Are you going to Lansing the weekend after next? We are, hope to see you there.

Howln'Around in Northern Michigan
Well it's about bloody time you got a blog! I'll be glad to blogroll you! How the hell are you, dude? Yes, I'll be in Lansing for the events, I'll be sure to hunt you down. If you don't have plans we should do lunch or something like it. Melanie's been asking about dinner for DFA afterwards; what's your thoughts on the matter?
Hey, did I read that you were able to port your Salon posts over to Blogger? That would help cinch the deal for me.
Oh, I should have counted on the techie to ask technical questions. No, Phil, I hadn't ported the posts over, only all the other baggage like the blogroll and miscellaneous links. I'm still researching the limitations of Blogger, have a blogsite for a non-profit that I'm working on that is pushing me to find more solutions. What I'm finding is that there are many, many more hacks (as I told Dave Pollard above); I'll bet that you could migrate new photohosting over to the freebie hosting at Blogger, and then treat all your old posts at your Radio blog as categories. If I find a better solution I'll let you know; I've got 3+ years of posts to migrate before they become vapor.
I've found you, Rayne, and I'll be stopping in periodically to read your latest and even, occasionally, say hello. Cheers!
I could only post with a Blogger login. I have a Blogger account, I just don't ever use it.
Hey Kristi!! Good to see you! I'll have to add you to the blogroll so I make a point of getting to your place more often now that I'm getting back into the swing of things. Sorry about the Blogger thing, I'm still not certain how I want to handle the comments; there's an option to accept any comments without registration, but observation tells me that opening the comments extends a welcome mat to spambots. (Like I need more promotions of pr0n and erectile disfunction meds...)
Hey Rayne... just remembered you were over here. I'll add you to my bloglines so I know when you update. The whole Salon thing is becoming a bit of a gongshow, but other than the downtime, it's been okay for me for the most part.

I guess we'll have to think of something to keep it all together, though.

The community was and is fabulous.

Howdy, Meg! Glad to see you pop in! yeah, we definitely need a blogring of sorts to get us through; I wish Salon would get its act together and come up with their nextgen blogging solution -- if they come up with one at all. Thanks for your link, too, will blogroll next time I'm in the backend messing with my template.
Glad to have found you, but I notice you don't have my new URL: http://litcritter.blogspot.com
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