Sunday, August 05, 2007

BUI (broadcasting under the influence)

After leaving the McCormick Center this morning following the YearlyKos Convention, I'm sitting in the O'Hare airport, trapped in waiting zone hell as my flight is delayed. Unfortunately I've got plenty of time to watch CNN.

And plenty of time for my blood pressure to be elevated. Amy Walters is covering the YearlyKos convention, and she somehow comes away thinking that Senator Clinton did well.

What the f---?

Clinton dodged at least 3 questions during the Presidential forum, and was hissed at once about one of those dodges. She did not receive the kind of applause that the other candidates received for her efforts.

Walters also claimed that Edwards was out of the first tier -- clearly not true based on the resounding approval of the YKos audience during the event. Granted, Edwards dodged at least once, or perhaps I should say that he finessed a question; he also threw the audience red meat that they ate up.

But Clinton tried to redirect attention from one of her dodges by throwing what she thought was red meat (net neutrality) while evading the question of excessive media consolidation, thereby blowing off her compromised position as a recipient of Rupert Murdoch's largesse.

What are these people smoking? And why are they allowed to be piped into our homes while under the influence?

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