Saturday, February 11, 2006

Salon Blogs: the meta-blog begins

Hey Salon Bloggers! Check out the new experiment and see what you think. I've set up a meta-blog for us to use until Salon gets its act together about its new blog space (ostensibly before the end of the year, heh, not holding my breath).

Dave Pollard, Mark Hoback, Paul Hinrichs, I've already sent you invitations to join as members of the meta-blog. Check your email boxes (probably in spam or bulkmail!) and see if you have them.

Art Jacobson, I'll send you an email invite shortly, still checking out the comment problem you had.

If you're a past or present Salon blogger and you want to join the meta-blog, leave me a note in comments along with current contact info. (Be sure to use caution posting email addy's so spambots don't pick it up.) I'm also going to rely on other Salon bloggers to spread the word, let others know about this.

Hope to hear from you about this!

Hi, Rayne ~

I am intrigued by your new experiment, and would love to contribute something, if you're interested.

[still at: ktm19050 AT yahoo DOT com]

It's wonderful to find you posting regularly again...
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