Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tinkering in progress

Nuts. I tried to post a rather long piece yesterday, attempting to create an expandable post so that only a lead-in appears on the main blog and the body is expanded only on selection of a link.

I'm tripping over the auto-formatting that Blogger inserts into posts; it insists on embedding a begin-font tag all over the place, but no closing font tag. It's driving me nuts!

I guess I'll have to try using a post template so that the text on all posts is the same unless indicated otherwise, to try and override the default fonting.

Bear with me; you might see what looks like an old post appear between here and the previous post.

But enough about me -- how are you?

Are you discoveing the fact that there really is no such thing as good blog software?
Heh. There's good software, just not bug-free, brain-dead easy software. I really didn't have that many problems with Radio until my desktop crapped out, although the client-based software was a nuisance. The tradeoff here in Blogger is that I can set up multiple blogs, team blogs using a free, host-based solution.

Speaking of which, you should check this out: -- wanna' play?
Maybe... Starting a new blog with Katy Hipke imminently. I think that means soon.
Have you had any interaction with Blogger support? Does such a thing exist?

It's really good to have regular installments of Rayne Today to read again. I missed your writing while away from the blogosphere for most of last year, and then when I returned, you weren't posting!

Cool color scheme, too.

I've been tryingto post a comment to the meta-blog but it's been "no joy." What's up?
Nice to see you, Adrian! Blogger has support, but I imagine with 4+ million registered users that prompt response is slim. There's a learning curve here and I'm still climbing, will just take time.

Art, I'll check it out. I know there was a couple of burps with Blogger during the last 24 hours, hope it was something little like that. It's not your profile or the meta-blogs since Mark Hoback was able to post.
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