Tuesday, April 25, 2006

A shift in consciousness

Damn, I should fire the blogger who runs this site.

I promised myself I would blog more often, more consistently, but it seems as if I've made too many promises of late and this was one of the first to be broken.

It's not as if I've neglected writing. Au contraire. In fact, I'm probably writing as much as I did when I blogged every day. But I'm juggling more than a half dozen blogs, all for the progressive cause with the exception of this personal blog. I'm just not writing here for myself, I'm out there writing for others.

Maybe I didn't really break my promise to myself about blogging; the experience of blogging has radically changed for me.

In some ways this is a culmination as well as a beginning. The last few years have been a long incubation, during which I began to blog. I've experienced a shift in consciousness, moving from introspection and deep contemplation outward towards action. I'm no longer writing about me and what's in my head but what's to be done and about others who are also acting or others who must be persuaded to take action.

How long will this next phase of spotty personal blogging last? I can guarantee it will be at least six months. Firm. You can bank on it. I know I'm betting a lot on it myself.

Now if only I could make a living doing this stuff. Yeah. Like that's an entirely new fantasy other bloggers haven't already had.


Why not cross post from the other blogs you are juggling?

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