Friday, July 28, 2006

Not again; another missed BlogHer

It's exploded, you know, the size of this event as well as the size of the community. Perhaps they'll finally stop with the bloody stupid question, "Where are the women bloggers?"

They're at BlogHer -- and it's HUGE.

And unfortunately, I'm not there again. Too much going on here, too much stuff related to being a woman blogger. I'm juggling too many blogsites right now, most of them political sites for activist groups or candidates. Too much personal and professional work, too, although it's a good problem to have.

But that's the nature of women who blog; we have a lot of multi-tasking going on, not enough time to spend on personal promotion of our sites. I guess I shouldn't be surprised for this reason if some dork asks the bloody stupid question again.

Just once I'd like somebody to ask me that to my face, though, so I could slap them and say I'm right here, dork, and I'd like to be at BlogHer with the rest of my estrogen-rich blogging peeps.


I left this same message for you on an FDL post, but hoped you'd see it here too.

There is a place your stepson can go for support. I have friends that came home from Iraq and were desperate to help themselves and help others. While they were in country, serving in this horrible quagmire, they started a blog. You can go check it out here: It’s called Fight to Survive

They still post there today, now that they are civilians and it’s moving, thoughtful stuff.

One of the writers on the site, Heckle, now works for IVAW and VVAW and has started a group called Vets4Vets… it’s a support group.

Please have your stepson get in contact with my friends. They’re really there to help your stepson and YOU.
Hey j.cro -- thanks much for the link. I will pass this on to my stepson. He's doing pretty well right now, working on his education, has a girlfriend; it's when forward progress stops that I'll really push the issue. For now, I'm just going to make sure he knows there are resources and that we're here for him. Thanks again, appreciate your support greatly.
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