Friday, July 14, 2006

Reporting for duty

I fell off the blog wagon and hard. I have no reason save for the amount of time I've had for blogging.

But circumstances dictate I get back at this and hard, no matter how much time I have to squeeze out a post.

Hope you've been well; hope you'll be better after November.

Good Morning!
Howdy, phil!! long time no chat. Hope things are well with you and yours!
Mercy, you've been missed. Glad you're back.
While I don't have the history with you that some other bloggers do, I too have missed your personal stories, as well as insightful political observations.

Glad to see you're back ... to whatever extent that may be.
So good to have you back, Rayne. I kept turning up at your Salon door & seeing the curtains drawn. Glad to have found you on blogspot.
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