Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Double standard

I don't get it.

HP's CEO and/or other members of the board of directors could face charges related to spying.

But George Bush has impunity to spy on all of us?

I call bullsh*t.

Yeah, you gotta wonder. I was all hepped on HP because I saw a lot of very sensible improvements and thought, it's all those women they have there! But no, that all seems to have blown up and I am once again reminded that males don't have the corner on stupid.

BTW, I have started a blog meself, it is by way of being a test-bed so we can figger out how the durn things work. Den (he is, among other things, Mr. Hotflash) wants to help the candidate in MI-10, Robert Dennison, who has no campaign to speak of that we can see. Doubt if anything will come of it, but it would be so good to see the back of Candace Miller, so to speak.

And I have taken the liberty of linking to Rayne Today, if that is not OK I will de-link.

I am at "", pls drop in if you have a mind. The place is a bit barren still, haven't decorated much yet. I love your little weatherpixie!

yours truly,

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