Friday, November 10, 2006

Healing the battered child

As commented elsewhere:

Still trying to come to terms with the massive shift this week, a sea change in every sense. Feel like a too-long battered child, waiting for the next blow, in spite of conscious awareness that there won’t be one.

Going to take a while to heal the unconscious after 6-plus years of damage. Like the image of that screaming harpy who got in my face and spat at me that I was a baby-killer back in 2004, after a Bush rally…that harpy is still out there, even if I know she’s powerless to do anything now. How do I purge the memory and the knowledge she and her kind are still there?

Easy enough to say we're moving on...but that woman and her kind live on my street, around the block, across town, in state. I doubt she's changed her mind about progressives and dissent in a couple of years.

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