Monday, November 13, 2006

Noting a small business owner's first

First time I've ever been called by Dun and Bradstreet to update the information they have on record about my business.


I guess I wonder now whether I should have asked questions before answering their questions.

Am I required to respond?

Is there any benefit to this listing and cooperating with their questions if I have no intention of seeking a business line of credit?

Can I de-list myself?

I hate this crap; it doesn't do anything for my rather tiny business with no employees save for myself. It doesn't add value to my day and only makes me sweat the small stuff.

Granted, I've used Dun & Bradstreet to screen customers and vendors while working at other businesses. The information was very helpful to me, but the situation is entirely different for me. I simply don't pose much of a risk to anyone. I'm chump change.

Oh well...maybe I'm on the verge of becoming something more than that.

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