Friday, December 08, 2006

Ethics, schmethics

The 109th Congress sails off into the sunset, leaving behind all its cares as it becomes history.

I'd like to say it enters history as a bastion of ethics, but that would be a complete and utter joke, beyond sarcasm's broad reach.

As its parting gift, the 109th indulged its last Republican Document Dump Friday. They jettisoned a particularly nasty bit of work, the Foley Report, flopping a complete piece of crap onto the public like a rotting fish as they filled their shredders, cleared their offices, and fled the District.

This mother of two struggles to find swear words adequate to voice the rage and frustration felt over this last bit of trash foisted on us, knowing now with certainty that Republican representatives have failed abjectly to protect young people from a known predator in their midst.

Disgusting, revolting, immoral. I hope they did not let the door hit them in their pompous, overfed, pampered and excessively soft backsides.

As if we've seen the last of them.
At least not as constituted under the 109th. With a number of new Dems kicking ass, the 2008 race already breathing down their neck, and the change in discourse due to the release of the ISG report, I suspect the survivors of the 109th are already dreading the first week of January.

Subpoena power, activate!!
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