Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Libby Trial: Closing Arguments

A shout out to folks popping in from the FireDogLake live blogging coverage of the U.S. v. Libby trial!

For the link to primer including glossary of terms, see link at the left, conveniently located under the shameless plug for FDL's live blogger Marcy Wheeler's book, Anatomy of Deceipt. Sales through that link support FDL.

May justice be served and the good guys win, for once.

EDIT: Some of the FDL regulars (or irregulars, as the case may be) have been chatting about placing bets on the outcome. Go ahead, lay your bets in comments. Is Libby guilty or not guilty? How many counts and which counts, if guilty?

I'll start: I think guilty on all five counts of perjury, false statements and obstruction.

Any male senior administration official who remembers more about a Miami Dolphins game than an attractive, blonde, deepest cover CIA agent with two babies at home needs a good whack along side the chops anyhow, at the very least.

Guilty on all counts. Verdict returned 48 hours after case handed to jury. Jury does due diligence and takes two reviews evidence.
48 hours...does that mean we know on Friday for a typical news dump, or do we find out late Thursday?

I'm hoping for late Thursday -- but it could easily go into next week. [sigh]
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