Saturday, February 24, 2007

Wish you were here

If you're in Michigan and you're reading this on Saturday afternoon, you are NOT here. Why? You're missing one helluva gig! Senator Carl Levin gets us fired up and ready to take on the war machine in the Sentate.

At the Blogger Caucus, Emptywheel demonstrates her ability to talk as rapidly with her hands as she live blogs from the Libby trial media room at Prettyman Courthouse.

And look who else made it to Michigan -- Brian Keeler, a.k.a. NYBri, here to talke about Blue Tiger Dems and The Albany Project. Wow, two DailyKos rockstars here in one room!

(Um, Emptywheel is still talking with her smokin' live blogging technique.)

And Senator Stabenow launches this bash with a collection of some of the finest Democrats this country has taking the stage with her, including Rep. Sander Levin, Rep. John Conyers, and Rep. John Dingell. Wow. Critical mass of progressive brain power here.

Wish I were there. Thanks for the photos and update.

RE: Stabenow - I will be a long time forgiving her for voting yes on the Military Commissions Act. Bug her about that one for me - I already have, several times. She gave me some BS about the need to set up Military Tribunal guidelines and procedures.

OTOH She has a pretty good voting record on other issues.
Hey, I'm with you about Stabenow. The MCA vote stank of horse trading to me, and we didn't come out better for it. She has two bad votes out of an otherwise stellar record -- MCA and the Bankruptcy bill. While I understand that some folks are writing her off, I'm not ready to throw the baby out with the bathwater. If Debbie had a veto-proof majority, she'd probably vote different on bills like MCA and Bankruptcy; I'd rather try and work for veto-proof majority than try to field a different Dem against her, and possibly get a worse voting record or lost the seat altogether.

But I broke down and bawled after the MCA vote; I'd spent all day on faxes and phonecalls the day of the vote. So disappointing; cannot imagine the hell those 400-plus detainees have been living through in Gitmo.
Yup, figured we've got to stick with her, but I want her to know that we are paying close attention.

Of all the congresscritters that I've phoned directly, I have found that she has the friendliest staff people. They are always polite and at least *seem* to be interested.
clavbar -- yes, she has marvelous staff, I cannot say that enough. And they are among the most internet savvy that I've run into as well.
Hey, Rayne -- great seeing you at the convention. Hope you got my e-mail. I can't believe we totally forgot to talk about YKos!

The governor gave the speech to end all speeches -- I've never heard her so impassioned, and I've heard her speak an awful lot. She really rocked the house. And Carl was fabulous, too. If anyone knows how to compress video, let me know. I've got a clip of Carl I want to put up on YouTube and it has to be compressed down to 100 mb -- it's now about 250.
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