Friday, June 15, 2007

Evil wears a bad pr0n beard

Oh. My. God. I just read the anonymous complaints from the USDOJ Civil Rights Division that TPMMuckraker posted . I want to barf. I want to tell Bradley Schlozman to f*ck off to his face, tell him that he is evil incarnate. Any man who willfully persecutes expectant and new mothers for their gender and their impending parenthood is just that. EVIL.

"Good Americans". Yes, just like "Good Germans," or "Good Nazis". That's what Schlozman wanted to put in the slots of every position of the Civil Rights Division at the USDOJ, white male Christians.

Might as well have said "Aryan."

Just last night I had an argument with a Democrat who told me there's no need to worry about discrimination against women and gays, that it wasn't an issue.

What a naive fool. Schlozman makes it all too clear that gender, race, politics and pregnancy are all things for which one will still be discriminated against by people like Schlozman, by people that support and promote Schlozman.

And who knew that evil sounded like Alvin the Chipmunk? Or wears a bad pr0n beard?

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