Monday, June 11, 2007

Good Daddy Libby, my left arse cheek

Emptywheel read and listed the entire inventory of letters sent to Judge Reggie Walton, some pleading for leniency and some asking for stiff punitive action. Those asking for leniency often mentioned what a great father Libby is.

As a parent I call bullhockey. No, in fact, my kids have heard me use the term bullshit, and they understand the meaning of the word.

So there. Bullshit.

As parents we spend a lot of time and energy teaching morals and ethics to our children. Telling the truth is one of those ethics about which we invest a lot of time, including the parable about George Washington and the cherry tree when they are in early grade school, to more complex lessons like Watergate and deception when they are in high school. The truth underpins our democracy; we cannot make informed decisions as individuals and people without it.

No good and decent father lies to the FBI and makes false statements in regards to the outing of a CIA operative under deepest cover. It goes against everything parents teach their children about the nature and value of truth.

I have to wonder about the parenting skills of those who wrote and asked for leniency for such a "good father", too. Amazing how many of them are practicing or licensed attorneys, too; they make lawyer jokes reasonable.

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