Sunday, June 03, 2007

It's all about Dick

A single entry that Josh Marshall posted this past week really got under my skin, in a number of different ways.

First, I think we've reached a point where so damn much corruption has passed under the bridge that we can't hang onto the sheer volume of facts that are rushing by us in a torrent.

Secondly, I'm so angry that this has happened, that we've let these bastards bury us under so much bullsh*t that people who should be making connections between dots simply can't. Aren't we brighter than these criminals? Aren't there more of us than them? Can't we put this altogether and see it for what it is?

The post in question dd. May 31, 2007 -- 02:12 PM EST cites an email by a reader JR:

Re your argument that the quest for oil is a parsimonious explanation for the Iraq war. I have long doubted this proposition. Big Oil may be venal in its pursuit of profit, but it has an intimate knowledge of non-western political structures, and it's far from stupid. These interests would have known from the start that a cobbled together, post-colonial state like Iraq couldn't be invaded without catstrophic consequences. This set me wondering, though. I never did come across any substantial report on what Big Oil actually thought as this loony-tunes adventure popped up in the night. I don't mean the paid mouth-pieces but the power managers within the companies - those advised by anthropologists, political scientists, and other experts who actually have a clue about the workings of the real world.

The missing piece is the Energy Task Force documentation. It laid out in the first quarter of 2001 what DeadEye Dick Cheney in the OVP and Big Oil understood to be the priorities in the Middle East in regards to oil production.

The "substantial report" to which reader JR refers, believing them to be missing, were distilled into those high-level maps and plans that Cheney deliberated over with Big Oil and its facilitators like Enron executive Ken Lay. This is exactly why Cheney fought tooth and nail from allowing the public to see them. The little glimpse made available to the public already suggests that from its inception (and possibly before) the Bush Administration planned to divvy up oil in the middle east.

It's right there, under our noses, yet we are blind to it because of the plethora of corruption. They had the entire Middle East parceled out for its energy resources from the earliest days of the Bush Administration; groups like Judicial Watch and Sierra Club had strong suspicions of it. We can trace the outline of what the OVP and Big Oil were trying to do by what they didn't do -- doesn't it seem incredibly odd that a "substantial report" hasn't been produced in the last six years, in spite of all the data suggesting we are on the downside of oil production, after all?

I could send this to Josh, but I won't; I've sent him emails over the last several years and I've never heard a peep of acknowledgement back from him. Maybe he's buried under mounds of emails with more pointers like this, detailing this avalanche of corruption in little bits and pieces. I wouldn't be surprised.

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