Thursday, June 07, 2007


As I commented at FireDogLake about Monica Goodling in light of the DOJ's document dump last night:

Oh. Man.

I hope the testosterone-enriched members of the community didn’t buy that “stupid little good girl” act that Goodling sent up.

This bit in particular is going to get her spanked:

“We had given her two options - one formal w/order number, one with informal - no number — they decided to go with informal unnumbered. She said the cover memo needs to go thru OLC - not DAG or OASG.”

[source: email from Mari Santangelo to Robert Marshall, dd. 22-FEB-06 4:44p]

She deliberately avoided the DAG’s and OASG’s office; in the background, on the date of this particular email, the PatActII is being debated and is not approved until the end of the month, with the Delegation of Authority signed on 01-MAR-06 (need to double-check the date) almost immediately after the PatActII passed.

Within weeks of this time, Thomas Heffelfinger will announce he is leaving USA-MN position.

Our “stupid little good girl” was quite deliberate and very busy; she’s on the hook for a lot more than Hatch Act violations.

Oh, and one more bit that has been stuck in my craw and may yet add up to something. During the course of the emails about the delegation and in the cover letter of the delegation there is a reference to a memo — Memorandum for Jennifer G. Newstead, General Counsel, Office of Management and Budget, “Assignment of Functions Related to Certain Military Appointments, at 3-4(July 28, 2005)”.

As far as I can tell, Newstead is no longer in OMB; what the hell was this about?

Remember Iglesias comment to the effect that every thing was documented at DOJ in memos?

Yeah. That.

And I think we now have concerns about OMB.

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