Monday, July 02, 2007

Bush: Disrespecting the law and our American social contract

Quite simply, this is what happened today:

Bush displayed his contempt for the law by throwing over a jury's verdict.

In the face of these facts:

-- A jury of peers found Scooter Libby guilty;
-- A Republican judge issued Libby a sentence within the guidelines range;
-- Three more judges affirmed that sentence;

President Bush decided to toss it all and commute Libby's sentence.

I hope there's more outrage about this than about Paris Hilton's excursion home for cupcakes after a couple days in jail before she returned to complete her sentence.

I hope the American public sees the injustice in Hilton serving more time than a man who lied under oath and made false statements to both a grand jury and FBI agents multiple times.

And I hope the American people realize the commutation of Libby's sentence was likely a crime in itself, further obstructing justice that Libby already obstructed mightily himself; I hope they realize that the criminal launch of the Iraq War lies beneath this obstruction.

(Thanks to looseheadprop in comments at FireDogLake for making this so easy to understand.)

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