Sunday, July 29, 2007

The garden before vacation

I'm just now getting around to catching up on things that I had to set aside in order to get the family packed up and out of town for a couple of weeks. Since I'm going to YearlyKos, the kids are going to stay with their grandparents; we're spending quality time together here in the Great White North before I go to the convention, and I'll decompress with them here after the convention and before we head back home.

But that means the garden has been left untended, or left in the care of my husband who will be traveling quite a bit during these two weeks. The kids took these snaps just before we left town; we are very curious about the changes we will see when we arrive back home. Besides an avalanche of zucchini and tomatoes, what else do you think will happen?

This is the first zucchini, now much larger than a nine-year-old's hand, ready for picking. But the kids forgot it; hubby says he picked them and tossed them because he didn't know what to do with them. [sigh] The kids are NOT happy about this.

You can almost see the first cucumber in the shade of the cucumber leaves, a little larger than a thirteen-year-old's thumb. (I think a lesson on photographic lighting and flash might be in order, but this is a good first attempt.)

Looks like I will be making a lot of tomato sauce when I return; the Roma plants are beginning to put out a lot of fruits. Some plants, like the Brandywines, are getting a few yellowed and speckled leaves at the bottom; it may be time to give them some magnesium in the form of a little epsom salts mixed in water.

And this shot worries me. Not only do we have a cartload of Thai hot peppers coming in, looking rather like monstrous hands with long, green, plentiful fingers rising from the bed, but my daughter was too close to her brother at the time this photo was taken. I don't know how the camera didn't get wet while my son was watering the bed. (Perhaps a lesson in camera care is also warranted...)

I think I'll have to find the recipe for zucchini chutney. ('Large zucchini' it says. I don't think they mean sofa-pillow size, though.)
I have one for four-seasons bread (apple, orange, tomato, or zucchini) - it's a spice quickbread with the seasonal fruit or veg.
Sounds yummy, PJ, never made a zuke chutney. We have a tasty chocolate zuke quick bread we make in the bread machine, can use the pillow-sized ones in that recipe easily if they can be hacked into grate-able chunks.
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