Saturday, July 14, 2007

Garden update: Zukelear threat

The garden is damp this morning; I won't have to water it today with the rain we are getting. But I'm not certain if it's a good thing. Look at how full everything has gotten over the last couple of weeks, tomatoes ready to burst out of the bed and beans looking in the garage window.

The next batch of radishes -- two separate plantings -- are already up and beginning to fill in the place where the previous crop had been pulled.

Oops, crabgrass in the bed...I guess I'd better weed again when the rain stops.

A sign of things to come: Hungarian peppers are already coming in, these about 6 inches long and nearly ready to pick. There are about a dozen of them in the pepper bed. My daughter is pleading to pick a lilac pepper, but I won't let her; it still has green shoulders.

And oops again, more crabgrass. More weeding.

But look here, the zukelear threat. The first tiny zucchini with its blossom attached, about an inch and a half long. There are more coming along, this one being the first salvo in the coming zucchini war.

I think I detect chocolate zucchini bread in the near future...

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