Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Damned DINOs

What's it take to be a Democrat these days?

Does one simply have to show up to earn a (D) after their name?

The scores say they're a Dem, but they don't vote like it when it really counts. Byrd, Conrad, Johnson, Landrieu score better than 70% as Dems, but failed miserably when it came to the Alito vote this week.

What will they do when the budget comes before them, clogged up with more Republican pork? will they vote against it?

Their track records suggest they will, but each vote should be viewed with increasing skepticism when they can't vote as real progressives when it truly counts.

I don't personally believe that an overall trackrecord is enough; there are extenuating circumstances that can make any vote substantively different from previous votes. Byrd, for example, is running for office and now has a well-funded opponent; did he sell out on the Alito vote to play to the moderate base? Or is he simply slipping? He says he believes Alito, takes him at his word; I find it hard it hard to believe that Alito, who can cite verse and chapter from thirty-plus years of judicial decisions before circuit and Supreme courts, would have forgotten the details of his membership in a racist and misogynist club like CAP.

Or Landrieu, whose state was devastated by Katrina...did she think by voting with the Republican Party that she'd do better by her state? I want to shake her out of her naivete; if Trent Lott and Haley Barbour weren't able to get FEMA to do better by their state, why the hell would anything Landrieu does to curry favor make any difference now? That ship sailed. Without her. (She's got plenty of work to do on her environmental protection scores, too; this is NOT what Louisiana needs to build a future offering greater protections against hurricanes.)

I don't know what to make of Conrad and Johnson, particularly since their overall scores are better than Byrd's or Landrieu's. I know of no extenuating circumstances in South and North Dakota that would influence their votes, other than their bases may be more centrist. But Alito represented a clear threat to the working people and farmers of their states, a clear threat to the libertarians who live in these two states; it's hard to imagine why they voted as they did.

We have a lot of work to do, no matter the reason. We need to find a way to make it clear that being a Democrat means more than voting like one most of the time. It means taking a stand for Democratic and democratic principles, 7x24x365, 100% of the time, every vote.

Dear Rayne,

I just tumbled to the fact that you'd moved to Blogger. First, I'm glad you're back. Second, I think you'll find blogger so much easier to use that you won't miss Radio.

Incidentally, you can save time changing your "look" by starting with one of the templates.

The Data Port
Hey Art!!! So glad to have you drop by!! Yeah, the desktop is still out to lunch, holding my Radio software hostage. Until I can get the desktop back up and running, I figured I should have a plan B and blog. I think I've worked out many of the bugs now with the template, also managed to port over most of my legacy stuff from Radio. Just need to get better acquainted with Blogger and clean house now that I've got a "cottage" I've moved into for the time being (including revising the link to your page!).
Hi, Rayne, got here via Dick Jones' link. I'll update my blogroll.

We have a good news/bad news scenario here in Washington. Maria Cantwell voted for cloture, but against Alito's nomination, tip-toeing on the safe side of both streets. She's fairly well-financed, but facing what I believe will be a formidable challenge this fall from the former CEO of Safeco Insurance. My insurance company, dammit!

Also, I think there's a switch you can set so I can reference my Perils blog when I comment instead of my faux Blogspot one, which I set up solely to be able to harass my wife's Blogspot blog.
Hey Phil -- yeah, the Cantwell situation is nasty. The REAL vote wasn't the nomination but the cloture; all of the Dems who voted for cloture are going to be under fire. There will be money ponied up to replace her. And there will be enormous fall out against NARAL, too, for similar reasons; they supported a so-called pro-choice Republican who did not vote in line with NARAL when it counted, and NARAL has responded very poorly to this situation. You can read about it all at FireDogLake (see link under Unwashed Rabble). Very messy stuff ahead, having to clean house of both DINO's and activist organizations that failed.

Glad to see you made it here, thanks for dropping in! I don't know about a "switch", still trying to get my sealegs here. I've linked your Radio blog in the blogroll...? Would like to figure out how to reproduce "categories" like we have in Radio. Only know enough HTML to be dangerous, though.
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