Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The table is set, Madame Speaker

The table is set -- and impeachment is very much on it. We are ready and waiting.

Your turn to serve, please.

Thank you,


Found your blog thru fdl comments, really enjoyed the raised garden series, I am interested in how your plants are doing.

Btw, I empathize with your red district bubble. (I felt like the other commenter was pulling a fast one)
So keep up the good fight!
Hey triciawrites, nice to see you. I'll continue to post updates on the plants as the garden matures, likely will have more on Saturday.

And yeah, I think that was a very subtle form of trolling that you saw. They have to be much more slippery at Jane's site than at others in order to get by. Thanks for the support!
Hey there! Welcome back!
Hey there! Welcome back! I'm mostly on haitus while I'm working on my book, but I'll direct whatever remains of my readership over here the next time I post.
Nice to have you drop in, Rob!! Hope that book is coming along, can't wait to hear that you've finished it.
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